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White Mountain Apache Tribe 

Cultural & Heritage Tourism Micro Master Plan

Background Resources for MMP Working Group

Below is a collection of assembled presentations (specific to WMAT MMP project) and research data of tourism industry best practices, trends and case studies by tourism industry experts. These resources provide additional background about opportunities that tourism offers along with a handful of case studies including plenty of examples of how other tribes and tribal members provide tourism for economic growth and diversification, as well as building capacity and creating jobs.



Tourism 101s, Niche

Tourism Market Definitions,

and How to Make

Money in Tourism



Tourism Destination Marketing and the

Success Partners



Trends in Tourism & 

Economic Impact




Development Process for CBT & Making Money via Triple

Bottom Approach




Process, Tools, 

Stakeholder Engagement,

& Assessment 

Case Studies

Click the orange circle next to each case study to read, see and hear more. These case studies will open up in new windows. Many of the case studies have links to other resources. Many also have videos within the document that will auto start.

1 - Lucia Prinz.png

Developing tourism products with multiple examples of working with, negotiating, resolving conflicts, organizing communities and building tourism products and tourism mind-sets. 

Creating Tribal Member Tourism Entrepreneurs

2 - Tamaya.png

Experiential tourism attractions for multigenerational & cultural heritage niche markets.

Pueblo of Santa Ana

via Tamaya 

3 - Akwasasne.jpg

Creating tourism opportunities for tribal members via tourism enterprise, new incubator and creating distinctive brand and identity.

3 - Cree Moose.jpg

Community based tourism strategy using a community asset. Successful marketing via partners in media and tourism organizations.

6 - Zuni.png

An organized entity or collective of individuals and entrepreneurs that together, have power in numbers versus standing alone. Standing schedule of special events.

Zuni Community Art Guild & Zuni Pueblo Artwalk

7 - Oak Creek.png

Organizing what’s already happening to create a tourism destination with training for individuals artists and vendors.

Oak Creek Overlook Vista

7 - Navajo Tours.png

Private tour operator via lease with Navajo Nation. Example tour offering differentiating in a competitive marketplace. 

Navajo Nation USA 

Screenshot at May 15 19-43-48.png

Private tour operator via lease with Navajo Nation. Example tour that differentiates in a competitive marketplace. 

Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tour


Private tour operator via lease with Navajo Nation & differentiating in a competitive marketplace.

Dixie’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours 

Navajo Nation.jpg

Navajo Nation tourism enterprise.

“Discover Navajo” 

Native Wisconsin - 2019 Calendar.png

Wisconsin tribes work in collaboration and with their state to generate revenues & resources that benefit them all. 

Wisconsin Tribes:  

Tourism Collaboration

logo - chickasawTV.png

Chickasaw.TV is a high-definition, video-rich network focused on sharing the culture, legacy and continuing contributions of the Chickasaw people. The website is extremely vibrant and well made with high-quality documentary-style videos. “The Nation’s story and thriving culture comes to life across vibrant HD video channels.” 


Sharing Culture.png

Social site sharing creates interest and intrigue of authentic Native American culture. This example has several videos.

Sharing Navajo Nation Culture & Heritage  

Revenue from Tourism.jpg

Financial formula for success. Revenues fund the tribe & individual tribal member operators + create jobs. Reinvesting for sustainable tourism + care and preservation of natural resources. 

How Navajo Nation Generates Revenue
from Tourism = Economic Growth & Jobs

Horseshoe Bend-selfies.jpg

Government solution to an uncontrolled over-tourism condition (they are coming anyway so make it a win-win for everyone) + make money which pays for the cost of development and future operation & promotion.This example has a video of a social sharer - demonstrating the "buzz impact."

Horseshoe Bend Overlook 

5 - House of Myths.png

Unique to this region of tribal communities, these artists and craftspeople have opened up their workshop to visitors for small scale tours. They share insights into the making of totems and offer interpretations of images and symbolism. They provide storytelling of the totems.

“House of Myths” Carving Shed & Totem Tour 

San Juan Inn.jpg

Private operator with uniquely similar opportunity as Salt River as a natural resource, river adventures, major transportation corridor, and gateway.

San Juan Inn &
Trading Post 


Creating unique customer service & sense of place via indigenous people culture & storytelling.

Indigenous Lens” 

Screenshot at May 08 19-27-32.png

Taking back control of their lands and natural resources. 

Feasibility study to create their own conservation area, national park, economic opportunity via park fees towards resource management, ecological & cultural preservation, agricultural sustainability.

Blackfeet Nation: Creating Their Own National Park

Frog Bay.jpg

Balance between tourism & conversation and preservation. The 1st tribal national park was created by requisition of reservation lands.

The 1st Tribal National Park:

Frog Bay Tribal National Park & Conservation Management Areas

Outdoor rec economy.png

Case studies of two communities that created economic growth via a targeted focus on outdoor recreation. 

Cultivating a Great Outdoor Recreation Economy  



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